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Director of Adventure

Abbey is a native of Greenville, SC. She is a graduate of Wade Hampton High School and North Greenville University. During her time at North Greenville, she studied Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. In 2021 she had the opportunity to be a summer guide with G.O.A.T. This opportunity grew her love for working with students in the outdoors. Since then she has had the opportunity to assist in coaching a climbing team in Greenville and volunteer with Eleos. Abbey enjoys climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and running. Abbey’s favorite places to climb outdoors include the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and Hidden Valley in Virginia. One of Abbey’s favorite things in life is learning new outdoor skills with friends and getting to educate others around her so they can also enjoy new experiences in the outdoors. 


Youth Director

Julian is from New York but was raised in Gaffney, South Carolina, he has called Greenville home for the past five years. His world revolves around his beloved wife, Meldrika, with whom he shares five blissful years of marriage and their cherished daughter, Gianna. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Julian holds a major in Business and a minor in Performing Arts. With a solid foundation of 10 years in sales and leadership, he has successfully managed one of the largest insurance brokerage agencies spanning eight states along the East Coast. Julian's passion for authenticity and creativity is evident not only in his professional endeavors but also in his seven years of professional performance and dance. Since 2015, he has dedicated his time to volunteering in various ministry organizations, driven by his deep empathy for people and his unwavering belief in the limitless opportunities life offers. Julian fervently believes in spreading hope, particularly through his faith in Jesus, to those who may feel lost or hopeless, aspiring to empower the next generation to realize their potential and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

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