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Thinking About GOAT?

We're so glad you're here and we're always happy to expand the Adventure Team! This page lays out our enrollment process. If you run into any questions please feel free to email our Program Director Abbey Hudson (

Adventure Team Registration

Summer Trips Registration

Adventure Team Registration

Adventure Team is a year-long mentorisng and descipliship program. Spots arelimited, but you are more tan welcome to complete the folowing steps to get the process started.

Step One

The first step towards getting your student plugged in with GOAT is filling out our Student Registration Form, GOAT Waiver Form and a waiver to Bloc Haven (an indoor rock climbing gym). All forms are linked below. They should be a breeze to complete!

Step Two

After you complete the Student Registration Form our Program Director will reach out to you either through phone or email to set up a date and time to meet up!


Once we nail down a time, the second step in getting your student plugged in with GOAT can begin! We will briefly introduce you and your student(s) to GOAT and its staff, give you a tour of our facility, and fill out the last waiver we need to start adventuring! (we know, we have a lot of waivers).

Step Three

During our introduction, we'll further discuss transportation and our plan to get your student(s) to and from GOAT!

Summer Trips Registration

Becase we are a non profit, and offer our Summer Trips as a service to organisations sevring youth, we take a cas-by-case approach to partnership. if you's like to start the process of partnering, please reach out to our Director of Adventure, Abbey Hudson.

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