GOAT (Great Outdoor Adventure Trips) is a ministry of Lead Collective. We are led by a small staff team, supported by Summer Guides, and an army of volunteers, donors, and advocates. 

Our Staff


Sam Haile

Program Director

Sam’s government name is Samuel (but only his mother calls him that). We asked Sam to share a few things about himself, that would help you get to know him. Here’s what he would like you to know.

“My love for spending time outdoors is almost as great as my love for Goldfish and Cheez-its.
My super-power would be replaying conversations verbatim, because I truthfully have an awful memory.

I might be the luckiest guy in the world because right after Graduating from Clemson, I started my dream job. Working with students, teaching outdoor skills, and sharing the hope of Christ… I mean you can try and tell me your job is better but…

This Fall at GOAT I am most excited for the added opportunities we will have to provide students with adventure trips! We will be working with a handful of amazing groups who have undertaken the role of providing a structured learning environment while many students are out of the classroom. GOAT is providing added incentives and opportunities for trips during what would be a typical school day, facilitating a healthy convergence of healthy mind and body living for students all over Greenville.”