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Our Mission:

We exist to equip and elevate youth leaders in the way of Jesus from historically under-resourced communities through outdoor adventures.

How we achieve our mission.

GOAT has several programs designed to build relationships and help students reach their God-given potential through outdoor adentures!

View our progams here

Partner with GOAT!

GOAT is made possible by the generous efforts of people like you partering with us both financially, and through becoming mentors and Summer Guides in our programs. To learn more about becoming a supporter, or a mentor click the link below!

Become a Summer Guide




GOAT and Mountain Goat

GOAT and Mountain GOAT sound similar, bit we’re actually quite different. GOAT, (great outdoor adventure trips) is a non-rpofit. You;re currently on our website. Mountain Goat is a coffee shop and bar that donates 100% of thier profits to fund our mission. That’s it!

More about Mountain Goat


GOAT and Lead Collective

GOAT is apart of a a collective, meaning we have access to resources and people that would be difficult to come by otherwise. But we’re not alone! Other ministires that call Lead Collective Home include Eleos and Reach

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