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This year, we're prioritizing some of the most impactful things GOAT gets to do, paddle boarding and training up Junior Guides. Each program encourages students to grow in courage and leadership, we can't wait to partner with you in making these opportunities possible!

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Jr. Guide Summer Residency  

Thank You!

The Jr. Guide program gives students the opportunity to lead GOAT's Summer Trips alongside our college-aged Summer Guides. We believe that elevating students to a higher place of leadership and responsibility further equips them in the way of Jesus.

Our goal is to fundraise for two Junior Guide internships!

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One Paddle Boarding Kit

Paddle Boarding is one of GOAT's core activities that we offer groups and students. With Greenville being an hour's drive from Lake Jocassee and Keowee, getting out on the emerald water is a no-brainer. Couple the beautiful lakes with the rush of being on open water, and you have a formula for adventure and discipleship!

Our goal is to fundraise 15 new Paddle Boarding kits, which include one paddle board, one life jacket, and one paddle! 


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